Helios Dance Theater Banners

These are a pair of banners I re-imagined for a recent performance hosted by the Southern Jubilee Auditorium.  The Helios Dance Theater put on two performances based on two classical pieces of literature, Anne Frank: A Diary in Dance and The Lotus Eaters.  

Although both pieces are very different, I found there was the common theme about memories that linked them together.  In Anne Frank's Diary she is trying to hold on and cherish her memories, which can be seen as a symbol of hope.  I used the symbolism of a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon on a moth-infested tree, drawing inspiration from the factual tree Anne Frank saw while in hiding.  In The Lotus Eaters, from Homer's Odyssey, the soldiers eat the lotus fruit because it induces a dream-like state and a loss of memory. I used the symbolism of the water and the experience a person gets when they only see the reflection on the surface.